1st London Club Accounts and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1st London Toastmasters is required to state our policy for handling personal information.

We only collect 4 pieces of personal information from you:


  • Name

  • Mobile Phone number

  • Email Address

  • Postal Address


These are required by Toastmasters International in order to register your membership and send your educational material to you. By agreeing to this you also consent to allowing Toastmasters International to contact you via email and by post.

1st London registers your name, email and phone on the Easy Speak club booking system to allow you to use the system.  Doing so means you give your consent to 1st London and other toastmaster clubs/individual to contact you via Easyspeak email system.  If you do not wish to be contacted through that system, you may remove your email when you log on. 

1st London keeps your name, email and phone number in its own records to enable the club to contact you.  This is stored in an encrypted file and held electronically in the club dropbox account.

Aside from Toastmasters International and Easy Speak, 1st London does not share your personal details with anyone outside the club. We will notify you if our files have breached and your details obtained.

If you leave the club your personal details with 1st London are deleted. Because they are external to 1st London, details may remain on both Easy Speak and Toastmasters International unless you specifically ask for them to be removed.   Easyspeak includes a right to be forgotten option.

For the full privacy statement from Toastmasters International on how they handle your information, please follow this link:

With 1st London at all times you have the right to have your personal details changed or removed.  To do this, please contact the VP of Membership who acts as the Data Control Officer for the club.

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