We welcome guests, past members

and people looking for a second club to call home


Toastmasters can change your life emphatically for the better

To do that it needs your willing support for club activities

We expect you to attend regulary

Learn below about how to join 1st London Toastmasters


You cannot join the club until you have visited and understand the program and your contribution to it. 

Speak to the Membership VP who will give you the password to the membership form


Choose New Member

The membership form will ask for your name, address, phone number and email, which are required by us to keep in contact with you and to register with Toastmaster International. You will also be asked to agree with 1st London's code of conduct


Once you have joined the club, the membership VP and treasurer will register you with the organisation and pay fees that are due to Toastmasters International. Toastmaster International  supplies your educational material

The Membership VP will register you on Toastmaster International that will give you access to Pathways Base Camp where you can select your education path. We will also add you to the club booking system permitting requests for speeches and select roles  



We welcome other toastmasters who wish to have an additional membership or are transferring. Please come along to a meeting to make sure that 1st London is the club you want to join and to get your password code.  


Please ensure that you have your toastmaster membership number ready. If you do not know this, contact your existing VP membership or Toastmasters International directly on the contacts page with as much information possible (your name, club name, personal address, email).   

To join please select the Dual Membership option in the Join page.


If you are a returning member and wish to reactivate your membership, please visit and chat to the membership VP who will supply the latest password for you.  

Once you have read the costs, selected the membership length you want and are ready, please go to the Join page and choose the Renewals option. 


It matters that you are happy with your decision.  Because the club experience is inspirational, it is tempting to sign up right away: a cooling off period is good for you.  If a guest we require you to come back several times before asking to join 

We want you to succeed

If you are ready for success please join us