Privacy Policy for Guests


1st London Toastmasters is required to state our policy for handling personal information.

We only collect 2 pieces of personal information from guests:


  • Name

  • Email Address


Your name is used only to give to door security to allow you access. It is not stored nor used in any other way.

If you turn up at the club room and take part in a meeting, we may take your name and email for follow up purposes. This will never be more than three times. We do not store your personal details nor forward them on for others to use.

If you do not wish to supply your name and email for follow up please tell the people who greet you.

With 1st London at all times you will have the right to have your personal details changed or removed. 

If you have any questions about 1st London privacy policy please talk to the Membership VP who acts as the Data Control Officer for the club.

Privacy Policy download